Jason and Travis Kelce Disagree on ‘Weird’ Charcuterie Combination — and Kylie Kelce Settles the Debate!

The brothers appeared on a new episode of their ‘New Heights’ podcast on Wednesday

Jason and Travis Kelce aren’t exactly on the same page when it comes to meats and cheeses.

On Wednesday’s new episode of their New Heights podcast, Jason’s wife Kylie passed him a new snack to try that consisted of a cracker with pepperoni and blueberry goat cheese.

“Jason, how is that pepperoni and blueberry goat cheese with a cracker?” Travis, 34, asked his elder brother, 36, at the start of the episode. “Salty and sweet? You’re such as f—ing p—-. Don’t do this,” he added as he waited for his brother’s response.

“It’s not bad,” the Philadelphia Eagles football center replied. “It just a weird combination.”

“No it’s not, it’s amazing,” Travis said. “It’s not my ‘goat’ to. It’s literally just like if it’s on a plate, I’ll throw all three of them together.”

Jason asked Kylie’s opinion before digging in: “Do you think pepperoni would go well with the blueberry goat cheese? Doesn’t that seem like it’s a weird combination?”

“No! It’s salty and sweet,” she replies, prompting an enthusiastic response from Travis.

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“If it was like prosciutto it’d make sense because it’s just like saltiness but pepperoni has like a little bit of like other flavors,” Jason said. “If it was honey it’d go well but the blueberry and pepperoni is a weird combo.”

“It’s not bad though,” he added before thanking his wife Kylie for helping the brothers get “to the bottom of that” debate.

“She hates me,” Jason joked, leading to Travis adding, ”She’s gonna even hate you more tomorrow.”

Kylie recently passed out something even sweeter to Eagles fans — Donna Kelce’s chocolate chip cookies! Donna hosted an “old-fashioned bake sale” with her signature recipe through a partnership with Aramark Sports + Entertainment.

Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles fans were able to buy Donna’s chocolate chip cookies on Christmas Day at Arrowhead Stadium and Lincoln Financial Field, where the teams play.

Proceeds from cookie sales benefitted organizations selected by the teams – Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City and the Eagles Autism Foundation, which posted a photo of Kylie and Donna with matching aprons on at the game.

“The best gift of all: an Eagles WIN and raising money for our Eagles autism community,” the organization wrote.