The Biggest Takeaways from the Kelce Family Year-End Holiday Spectacular

The entire Kelce clan got together for a special episode of Jason and Travis’ popular podcast, ‘New Heights’

Travis and Jason Kelce had some very special guests on their podcast, New Heights, on Friday — their entire family!

For the “Kelce Family Year-End Holiday Spectacular” episode, the football players’ mom Donna Kelce, dad Ed Kelce and Jason’s wife Kylie Kelce all joined the NFL stars at different points.

While announcing the special during their usual Wednesday episode, Travis, 34, said it was “going to be a revolving door of Kelsey family members coming through to talk with us,” and that’s exactly what it was.

During the special episode, Jason, 36, and Travis asked their loved ones heartfelt — and juicy — questions submitted by New Heights listeners, and chatted about everything from childhood stories to holiday plans.

Travis gave mom Donna a chance to change her ranking of her sons, as she has previously given Jason a leg up for giving her grandchildren — Wyatt Elizabeth, 4, Elliotte Ray, 2½, and Bennett Llewellyn, 10 months — with wife Kylie.

“We last had you on the show before the Super Bowl, where you said definitively that Jason was your favorite. Has that changed at all this season?” he asked Donna, who cheekily replied, “Not yet.”

“I love you both just the same,” she added.

Travis revealed that, Austin Swift, the younger brother of his girlfriend Taylor Swift, gave him a thoughtful gift while dressed up as Santa Claus — a gesture that “made me feel like a child,” he said.

“His gift to me was straight out of the bag, like the Santa sack,” he told Jason and Kylie, adding that Austin “whipped” out the present, which turned out to be a VHS of Travis’ favorite football movie of all time: Little Giants.

“Santa kills it,” Travis said of the gift.

Donna Kelce’s Cookies Sold Out in 6 Minutes at Both Eagles and Chiefs Games on Christmas Day
Jason and Travis took a moment to celebrate the success of their mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, which were sold at the players’ respective games at Arrowhead Stadium and Lincoln Financial Field on Christmas Day.

The charity bake sale — whose proceeds benefited the Eagles Autism Foundation in Philadelphia and Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City — ended “like within the first six minutes,” she revealed to her sons.

And, according to Donna, the cookie tally was 25,000 at both games.

“You are officially Little Debbie,” Travis joked. “You’re officially Betty Crocker.”

Travis Says Donna Is Spending New Year’s Eve With Him in Kansas City
After spending Christmas with Jason, Kylie and their girls in Philadelphia, Donna revealed that she will be joining Travis in Kansas City to ring in 2024!

“You do it right,” Travis told his mom. “See the girls for Christmas and then come see your favorite son and party it up for New Year’s.”

According to their dad, Ed, the Kelce brothers got into some serious trouble in their early school years.

After asking their father to recount some of the stories, Ed revealed that Jason got in a fight “every year starting in first grade.”

“I’d have to go in to see the see the principal, talk our way out of it,” he said. “The first year I took your mother with me. Bad idea.”

“Why?” Jason asked, and Ed replied, “Well, your mother almost got you doing more time.”

The Kelce Girls Reveal What Positions They Would Play in the NFL

During Donna’s appearance, the group fielded a fan question about what football positions they would play and the mom of two had a quick response.

“It’s defense,” she said, throwing her elbows up.

When asked what defensive position she would play, she said, “I think it’s secondary, ‘cause I’m pretty fast” — and both her sons agreed.

As for Kylie, Donna said, “She’s gotta move the ball. She’s either going to be running it or she’s going to be throwing it.”

Jason called this “accurate,” adding that she was a “really good” field hockey player.

“Kylie’s a QB?” Travis asked, and Donna confirmed. “Either that or she’s running with it.”

As for Jason and Kylie’s daughters, the trio decided that Wyatt would be a running back and Elliotte would be a tight end, but for 10-month-old Bennett, it’s too early to tell.

“Benny’s a football right now,” Jason joked.

After a fan comment asked her to react to Jason being named one of PEOPLE’s 2023 Sexiest Men of the Year and reveal whether he has been different since receiving the honor, Kylie said, “He has not changed.”

“I am on record for saying that I knew this. I mean, I married him, guys,” she added. “All the women that passed up on this? Mine. Yeah, I knew this. This is a no-brainer to me.”

When asked by Travis whether his looks have changed over time, Kylie rolled her eyes and said, “He’s aging like fine wine.”