UFC CEO Dana White questions Travis Kelce’s decision to endorse Pfizer vaccine: “Why would you promote that garbage?”

Dana White is the latest personality to pile on Travis Kelce after his declining performances for the Kansas City Chiefs has made it open season for others to question him. It has not remained limited to his football exploits, or lack thereof, either. Instead, threads of criticism have diverged towards his relationship with Taylor Swift and his endorsement of the Pfizer vaccine.Earlier in the year, Travis Kelce had come on an ad for Pfizer recommending that people take both the COVID and the flu shot. That has let to continuous criticism of his choice to do so from those who believe the vaccination is unnecessary. Dana White is certainly of that belief and the UFC boss was flummoxed that the Chiefs tight end elected to advocate for it. He said,

“It’s insane. I don’t know him [Travis Kelce], I don’t know anything about him other than he’s a good football player. He’s getting a lot of attention right now. I don’t know why, unless he’s a believer, why would you promote that garbage? I don’t know why you would do it.”
Dana White did clarify that there was a chance that the Kansas City star might be doing so because he believes in the efficacy of vaccinations. But he went on to add,
“It’s pretty fu**ing obvious we don’t need it. But like I say, to teach his own man. It’s like people that are still wearing masks, you’re basically just telling everybody, ‘Hey, I’m nuts. Hey, check me out, I’m fu**ing crazy.'”

Dana White not the first UFC personality to remark about Travis Kelce’s decision to promote the Pfizer vaccine
Dana White is merely the latest UFC personality to believe that Travis Kelce was wrong to cut an ad for the Pfizer vaccine. Colby Covington, the star MMA fighter, also attributed the Chiefs’ players recent worrying performances to his belief in taking the shots. He had said,
“He sold his soul to the devil and it’s sad to see. Travis Kelce is nothing more than a shell. And you know, he’s going downhill fast. You know, go woke, go broke.”

However, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl last season and the tight end’s belief in getting vaccinated did not seem to stop them. Hence, it is more likely that an offense containing Patrick Mahomes is sputtering because of other reasons. It is a fair bet to say that Andy Reid will not be poring about the vaccination status of any of his players as he looks to arrest their recent downturn in form.