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Why Taylor Swift Must Never Let Travis Kelce Ruin Grey’s Anatomy



Taylor Swift Must Never Let Travis Kelce Ruin Greys Anatomy
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Gotham/GC Images

Taylor Swifts love for Grey’s Anatomy has been well-documented over the years. She even famously has a pet cat named Meredith Grey as a tribute to the long-running medical drama’s main character, and she totally fangirled when her song, “White Horse,” featured in a 2008 episode.

And yet now, the news that Swift, 34, still watches Grey’s, all these years later, has been met with some disbelief by everyone except those of us whose devotion to Grey Sloan Memorial — aka The Tortured Surgeons Department — has never waned. We and Swift know that through high-profile deaths and rebrands and pandemics and enough tragically lost limbs to fill an Eras tour stadium, the show is still worth carving out an hour for. Even if we do still really miss Karev and Yang and, of course, Dr. Derek Shepherd himself (sorry, spoiler alerts have an expiration date …).

Swift’s love of Grey’s is back in the news because her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, just met one of its stars, Anthony Hill, at an event. “I may or may not have gotten confirmation that T.Swift does, in fact, still watch Grey’s Anatomy,” Hill wrote on Instagram alongside a selfie of him with Kelce. “It was then made very clear that he absolutely does not watch with her 😑😂…time to start bruh!”

Um, absolutely NOT, bruh! It seems that, much like his character Dr. Winston Ndugo, Hill is a really nice guy who is occasionally misguided. Because everyone knows that you do not, under any circumstances, watch Grey’s Anatomy with your significant other. Especially if they are a football player.


Taylor Swift is an intelligent woman. She knows that boyfriends and husbands RUIN Grey’s. They walk in, see you crying and say stuff like “That’s totally ridiculous, why is that annoying guy with the red hair removing a whole tree from that person’s neck using only a chopstick? Babe, that wouldn’t happen in real life,” even though they line up to watch superhero movies where men are made of metal and can fly.

Every true fan of Grey’s knows that it is best watched alone or with a beloved, non-judgy pet (they don’t have to be named after an iconic fictional surgeon, but it helps). In fact, having a boyfriend like Kelce who has to travel around the country for his job is the perfect flex for any Grey’s fan. (Obviously, thanks to her global, multi-year Eras Tour, Swift is on the road even more than her man.) There’s nothing worse than knowing there’s a new episode waiting in your queue but finding out that your partner wants to watch Succession together or, worse, have a conversation.

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The truth is, Swift and Grey’s have always been a match made in heaven. Much like a Taylor Swift song, an episode of Grey’s is often moving, funny, dramatic, sentimental, cute, clever and controversial all at once. Both the musical artist and the ABC show are prolific too — at the last count (but hey, she might have dropped a new album before the end of this piece) Swift has recorded 274 songs and released 11 albums (plus 4 Taylor’s Version re-dos), but this pales in comparison to Grey’s, which boasts 420 episodes so far. Grey’s premiered its very first episode back in March 2005; Swift dropped her self-titled debut album in October 2006. The question is, which entertainment juggernaut will keep going the longest?

And if you’re wondering how Swift finds the time to keep up with the dramas at Grey Sloan when she has songs to write and worlds to tour and boyfriends to kiss … Dr. Miranda Bailey is rolling her eyes at you right now, because come on, it’s easy! Getting into Grey’s now as a newbie would be a big ask. With 20 seasons to binge, you need to be in a couch-dwelling era of your life to make a start, but if you’re a long term fan like Swift, it barely impacts your life at all —apart from emotionally — because they really drip-feed those new eps these days. Plus, Swift spends a lot of time on the road or in the sky — which is very brave of her, actually, since air travel in Grey’s is often doomed.


Also, if Meredith Grey has time to cure Parkinson’s, perform multiple pioneering surgeries, solo-parent three children, mourn Derek, have sex with hot doctors and cheat death every few seasons, all while sporting perfectly blow-dried hair, why wouldn’t a mere global superstar have time to watch less than an hour of emotional hospital drama a week? Every Swiftie and every Grey’s devotee knows that two things in this world are true: you should never under-estimate Taylor Swift or Dr. Meredith Grey.

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