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Will Smith Sends a Blunt Message About Jason Kelce’s Questionable Hygiene Practice



Will Smith, Jason Kelce

On June 1, retired Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce made a bold confession on social media: He doesn’t wash his legs or feet in the shower. The now-viral X post elicited a wide range of reactions—from utter disgust to enthusiastic agreement and everything in between.

Recently, Will Smith and his Bad Boys: Ride or Die co-star, Martin Lawrence, sent a blunt message about Kelce’s questionable hygiene.

Smith and Lawrence appeared on the June 6 episode of the 7PM in Brooklyn podcast, during which the actors reacted to the retired NFL player confirming a fan’s theory. Kelce wrote, “What kind of weirdo washes their feet….” in response to a Twitter user claiming he “looks like he doesn’t wash his legs or feet.”

The Bad Boys stars participated in a segment titled “F—in Wit It or F— Outta Here!” and they resoundingly declared Kelce’s take as the latter.

“F—in outta here, Kelce,” Lawrence exclaimed. “Wash your feet. Your nasty a– getting in the bed with them nasty a– feet.”

‘Cause it’s not the feet,” Smith added. “You gotta get in between the toes.”

Plenty of X users agreed with Smith and Lawrence, with one insisting, “Dude… wash your feet.”

Another person wrote, “flip flop feet hit different knowing this jason,” while someone else commented, “you’ve gone too far this time….”

However, Kelce doubled down on his stance in another X post.

“All of you have been fed diabolical lies that washing every crevice of your bodies and hair, all the time is somehow better or healthier,” he argued. “Any dermatologist not in bed with Big Soap will agree!! Hot spots are all that is necessary and actually leads to cleaner healthier skin.”

Where do you stand in the feet/leg-washing debate?

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