Travis Kelce reveals he bought all his teammates designer jumpsuits for Christmas… before brother Jason puts his foot in it by claiming he doesn’t like them – only to find out he got one too!

Travis and Jason Kelce revealed the gifts spread around their NFL locker rooms
Travis revealed he bought his O-line teammates Daniel Patrick velour jumpsuits

Kind-hearted Travis Kelce has revealed he bought all of his Kansas City Chiefs offensive line teammates velour jumpsuits for Christmas this year.

It is tradition inside NFL locker rooms for quarterbacks to buy the O-line gifts, but it appears Kelce brought it upon himself to also spread the love in KC, adding to Patrick Mahomes’ golf-cart gift, revealed earlier this week.

Getting into the Christmas spirit, Kelce – speaking on this week’s edition of the New Heights podcast with his brother Jason – said: ‘This year I teamed up with my guy Daniel Patrick, who’s a designer in LA, and got everybody velour jumpsuits.

‘Nice, cozy, comfy… everyone this winter can just enjoy a nice velour top and bottom, just a hoodie and sweat pants, so good.’

In response, Jason was less-than-enthusiastic, noting: ‘I don’t know why, I don’t like velour. It’s that blanket material that a lot of people like, I’m not a fan…’

Travis Kelce has revealed he bought velour jumpsuits for all his Kansas City O-line colleagues

Travis is no stranger to bold fashion statements and often dresses to impress for gameday

Jason Kelce (center right) put his foot in it by claiming he doesn’t like to wear velour

Hilariously, Travis then decided it was the right time to reveal that he’d also bought an extra jumpsuit for his brother, replying: ‘I got you one too.’

Both then burst into laughter, before Jason began to dig himself a hole, back-tracking on his original claim.

‘Well, if it’s for me, I’ll like it…?’ he began. ‘No, I was saying if it’s not done right, it don’t feel right. I’ll probably love it.’

Jason – a center for the Philadelphia Eagles – also shed some light on the gift he was bought by his own quarterback, Jalen Hurts.

‘Jalen, the first year he was the starter, got us all Jordans,’ he revealed. ‘Last year was Louis Vuitton bags, and this year he got us watches. Not just any watches, it’s a pretty nice watch.

‘It’s white, it’s different. Typically I’m a gold guy, but it’s a good watch.’

Travis (right) then revealed that he had also bought brother Jason an extra jumpsuit
Kelce spread the love to the Chiefs offensive line, including Marquez Valdes-Scantling (right)
Jason quickly tried to backtrack and joked that he would love the gift ‘as it was bought for him’

Travis then revealed more about the golf cart extravaganza enjoyed by the Chiefs offensive line in Kansas City earlier in the week.

In videos shared by the team on social media, the players could be seen whizzing around the parking lot at Arrowhead, and Travis has now revealed they were driving up to 35mph in their new wheels.

‘Pat got the entire Chiefs offensive line golf carts, which was pretty sweet,’ he explained. ‘I was trying to get out of the parking lost last Thursday and everyone was flying around.

‘They’re street legal so everyone’s going around 35mph. They were all custom too, had the guys’ names on them.’